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As this is the pub. . .

My mam and my dad always said that presents you had made yourself to give, always meant far more than ones you had gone out and bought. No need to say any more? , money was friggling tight. One Christmas present was a cowboy gun carved from the end plate of an orange box. As an aside, good bedside tables were to be made from orange boxes and a bit of cast off wallpaper upended and with a bit of curtain. Fashion statement ! ! ! !

Going to make a sledge for my grandson. Not one of those slab sided jobbies I used to fall off of . But a jobby with laminated curved runners and all that jazz. Anyone got plans or any advice?

Why is it that when you find a good competant carpenter who is trying to make his way. . . next financial year he is history? Life's a bitch and then you die. But why do "they" have to make it such a B*********** while your'e still alive? Cheers? Tony. " We're onto the crabapple wine now, not as bad as you think!".
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