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Hi everyone, need some advice, we bought a 2nd hand T5 caravelle, auto 2.5 174 about 4 months ago.
Its been slipping gear for a couple of days now, then has got stuck in 5th a couple of times, and today the thing on the bottom of the dashboard display that shows which gear your in, went red and wouldnt show which gear i was in, it wouldnt even show wether i was in park, nuetral, reverse or drive, it seemed to be stuck at about 20mph, and the revs would redline if i put my foot down anymore. got stuck coming up a little hill and i had to turn off the ignition and restart the car to get enough power to get up it.
I dont expect any fix it tips but if this has happened to anyone else, what did you do, how much did it cost etc.
I could see the £££££££ mounting up as i was trying to get it home!!!
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