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Really looking for some help/advice I have a 2006 T5 1.9 had it for a few years now looked after it really well but the last few months been having problems, the van suddenly went into limp mode turned the van off back on again and it was fine as time went on it got worse I got black smoke from the exhaust 🙄 then I had a blowing of air when ever I accelerated.
So I researched all over the internet and everyone says numerous different things, so far I have changed the N75 valve and all the vacuum pipes still doing same thing, I have changed all 4 pipes that link the inter cooler to the turbo (this then stopped the air noise on acceleration) but still have massive loss of power and black smoke 🤷‍♂️
I did notice that the vacuum reservoir is broke so the pipe doesn’t stay in will that have much effect? ( I have ordered a new one just in case)
Also I read about the EGR but mine doesn’t look like any of the ones I find pictures of on the internet can anyone help here are some pictures.

Really appreciate any help and pointing me in the right direction.

Jay 🤟

Motor vehicle Automotive tire Hood Automotive lighting Automotive exterior

First image is the Vacuum reservoir that is broke.

Light Motor vehicle Vehicle Steering wheel Gauge

This is the EGR valve but it isn’t the same as any others online, here is an example new one that has a part on the front that a vacuum hose goes into 🤷‍♂️

Camera accessory Gas Nickel Automotive wheel system Automotive super charger part
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