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Hi there.

I'm in the market for a new exhaust system for my 1996 2.4D T4. A lot of the original exhaust is falling to pieces and has already snapped and been sleeved!!! :eek: I don't see it lasting out much longer.

I have been looking at some stainless steel systems and I'm pretty sure mine doesn't have a CAT so would probably get the SS de cat pipe with it.

There are plenty out there that I've seen that look the part but I want one that sounds nice and deep with a nice rumble but not too loud. The one we have now is deafening at 50-60! It's a straight through SS pipe to a twin exit that has been welded to the original. (ps. I'll probably sell the end piece if anyone's interested) T:

If anyone has any ideas for a not too loud exhaust that look the business then any input would be much appreciated T: :ILU:
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