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Have posted this here to get maximum exposure, however please feel free to locate to a location you deem appropriate, hopefully not the deleted items!T:

Had my autobox on my 2000 velle refurbed in August by a recommended and reputable company in Hailsham, East Sussex at a cost of some £1800 or so.

Since August it has failed 6 times, the 6th being tonight on the way home. It has an additional cooler fitted so the temperature is considerably lower than with the heat exchanger.

It originally went in as the lock up clutch failed but drove ok. Failed enroute to Cornwall after 1st rebuild for family holiday in August, then failed again after 2nd rebuild, got it back and had to go in for new valve body for 3rd time, failed again afterwards complete rebuild on 4th occasion, then back in again as lock up clutch failed again on 5th occasion and finally lock up clutch failed again tonight on way home.

Whilst the garage are not exactly pleased to see or hear from me they always honour the warranty without quibble, give me a free courtesy car (which is ok but not ideal as I then have to drive to Reading and back everyday from Kent, 224 mile round trip), but I do not believe the amount of failures to be "reasonable".

This is just not a sustainable way of doing things for me or them.

I am at a complete loss as to what I can do contractually and legally? They always take it back to repair without argument, but clearly something is amiss with either the competency of the technicians, quality of parts or both.

I really would appreciate some help with this as I am considering speaking with a solicitor but don't wish to inflame the situation with the company by sending snotty legal letters.

Am I entitled to a full or partial refund, or nothing as they keep taking it back to repair. I had the van for 6 years previously without any gearbox issues, it seems the issues have started since they rebuilt the gearbox.

Any advice would be appreciated,



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Give chas a ring Dave, he's had similar issues with his auto box refurbed which is now sorted T:
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