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Surfy, sooooo!!!!! on the approve list, just love the idea of someone back in the 50's sketching out those tail fins, theres a nice one around the shows with a Harley bobber in the bed, you'd even get all of your family on that bench seat...............
I know, imagine the feedom those crazy designers would have had back then when massive, bold and extreme was the only brief, no elf n safety, no sea of plasic, no emissions restrictions, no making them look like every other car on the road! I think the Impala, which I guess this variation is based on, held the record for the biggest tail fins of any production car.....albeit measured horizontally!

Been selling the virtues of the practicality of this one to Surf-wifey but she ain't having any of it.....mmm wonder if she'd fall for the 'happy birthday dear' trick......better get a shovel and start digging for some more cash first!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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