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Hi All Just thought I'd say hi -Im New on here - please read the following and let me know your thoughts ....

My Plan - top buy either a Caddy Maxi Life / Crew Cab / Van to use as an everyday vehicle and also as a sleeping place.....

Are there any benefits of choosing Van as a base vehicle over the Life / Crew Cab ?

My thoughts / wonders .... If I use a 'Life' would I get extra Leg Room as in foot wells for the second / third row of seats - Not that bothered about the 3rd row as prob wouldn't use these that often..

Does a Van have a higher floor than than the Life

My plan if using a Life would be to build a 'platform' behind the 3rd row of seats that would be same height as seats when folded flat - Is it possible to fold second and third row seats flat ?? Thus creating a decent flat surface where I could unfold a bed base from the top of the 'platform' over the seats and put some foam / mattress / airbed on as a bed.

Underneath the 'Platform' put some pull out drawers / work tops holding Stove / Basin / Storage / Leisure Battery thereby giving me cooking facilities underneath the tailgate / awning.

Any benefits of having rear barn doors as opposed to tailgate ??

I'd like windows all round for when using as car - would make up some insulated panels to put over windows for privacy for warmth / privacy when sleeping.

If using a Life would there be any benefit / extra space available by stripping out the interior trim and and replacing with my own insulated and carpeted one ?

Think that's it for now - would welcome any help / comments / thoughts / experiences

Cheers Guys - if I think of anything else I'll post it and keep everyone informed and up to date on my build whatever it turns out to be ....
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