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Here's my formal introduction from middle Germany. I'm the proud second owner of a 2006 T5 174hp Multivan (cruise) 74,000km. It's Black pearl effect with just the right amount of goodies. Needed a good looking tour bus as I'm a retired US Army Blackhawk test pilot turned professional singer. I have to say, van is awesome. My other car is a 2006 Touareg V8 so I was expecting a severe decrease in the wheeeeeee effect when you put the pedal to the medal. Man was I wrong. Plenty of power to say the least.

I registered here because I like the discussions and attitudes here verses the forum here in Germany.

My favorite option?
(Standheizung) auxiliary heater with remote.

What bugs me?
Old version RNS510 nav without the touchscreen. Would love to install the new version but I know that I have lots of reading and research to do. So, before I start down that road, can anyone tell me if my bus is pre or post can? If pre, then has anyone untied that knot yet?

I'll post a pic soon.

So anyway, glad to be a part of "The Dark Side";)
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