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Hi from London - a few weeks into life with a 2003 T4 2.5 Tdi (only 40k miles, though), newly converted into a fairly standard camper rig.

I'm hoping it will become our only vehicle / daily driver, but have a few niggles to sort out first. Having spent a couple of years thinking and talking about it, we plunged in with our hearts over our heads in order to get away in our own camper this summer. Did that, and had a great trip around France using aires, a campsite and some field/forest wild camping. Here she is, on duty http://www.vwt4forum.co.uk/album.php?albumid=17710&pictureid=119972

Very happy with the camper conversion, should have paid a bit more attention to the base van. So I will be posting some questions asking for advice / help on evrything from radios / fuses through exhausts to suspension squeaks and rattles.

The T4forum has been a great help in my research - thanks to everyone who contributes. I hope to be able to put something back myself as I learn....

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