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Hi All,

Out working in Turkey this week, and look, got me a T5 Caravelle - hiring a van out here is nigh on impossible unless you want it to come with a driver, so the next best thing, Caravelle with seats removed - boy do their cars take a beating here, the roads are a bit of a mess, this thing's done 150,000km's in 18months or so, whilst it looks pretty good, it's in a bit of a state, bumps/scratches general abuse, bits of trim missing etc etc. Driving out here is "interesting". Indication is optional, it's a complete free for all, there's no motivation to get in the correct lane until the last minute, so it's not uncommon for vehicles in the completely opposite lanes needing to cut across 3-4 lanes of traffic to reach their exit. It's nuts, you gotta hold your nerve and go native - not too hard in a hire car - if it was me own, it might be a different story.

Happy Easter, no eggs for me, just Kebabs, of which I've had enough of already!


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