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This year I've been converting my second T4 having been able to get a well looked after factory high top for a pretty good price. I decided to film every job I've done on the conversion and uploaded them all to YouTube to not only document the van's conversion but also to help others out with similar jobs along the way. Here are pics of it when I got it and below are the videos of the conversion (it will go on a bit, I've tried to be thorough T: )

That was how I got it and here are the jobs in pretty much the order they were done (give or take):

Foil taped the inside panels before insulation:

Then insulation went in:

Replaced one of the floor boards as it was looking a bit tired:

Insulated the hightop

Made new headlining

Fitted a skylight in the fibreglass roof

Insulated the flooring:

Laid new Altro sparkle flooring

Made an overhead locker compartment

Fitted an excellent condition caravan window similar to a Seitz window

Carpeted the metalwork around the sliding door and fitted a rubber seal to the carpet to stop water

Started on the wiring and ran the relay switch for the 3 way fridge

Fitted a reversing camera while everything is loose

Carpeted the ply panelling

Carpeted the metalwork

Starter motor was knackered one day on the way for supplies to changed that

Sanded back and painted the high top with Rustoleum so I could fit my solar panels

Fitted my solar panels, 2x80w=160w total

Installed a Propex 2000 gas heater

Installed my Smev 9222 in a DIY cabinet made from matching gloss black sparkle worktop

Incorporated a metal lined gas locker into the Smev cabinet build

Made a toilet cubicle for a Thetford swivel cassette toilet from more black sparkle wood

Fitted 240v hookup

Fitted downlights with a dimmer in the headlining

Installed a couple of 12v DC / USB points

About to replace the sliding door rollers and realised the step needed some rust repair

Then changed the bottom roller

Then the middle roller

Installed some spot lights throughout the van, no shortage of light now

Now all the electrics are about in, time to fit the switch panel

Fitted a 3 way fridge in a DIY cabinet from same black gloss sparkle

Made my own pull out sofa bed, 2m long and plenty wide

Changed the front seats for Mazda RX8 leather electric seats, all wired up and working

Installed some power meters so I can see how much my solar panels are generating at any given time along with how much power I'm using

Conversion complete, time to take care of the rust so I had my windscreen removed, treated all rusty areas and had a new screen fitted

All thats left now is to finish the colour change which is half way through, hope you enjoyed the marathon slog through my conversion A:

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Time for another update:

Bodywork rust ground off, killed off with kurust and ready for paint:

Then it's time to get rolling:

Now it's painted and has been left to harden for the past 8 weeks (due to the cold), it's time to start the sanding & polishing, here's a test panel to see what I can expect:

Now I just have to sand and polish the rest of the van :eek:
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