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Welcome to the Hobbies section – this is a TRIAL section for a month or so to see how it works. There appears to be a need for people wanting to buy and sell items to do with their hobbies – not necessarily connected with their Van.

But – this is not going to be a free for all for any old junk - this is only available to members, and posts will all have to be approved by moderators - this way, we can only approve posts which we feel come under a Hobby classification – The Moderators decision on this is final.

All posts must have the following info:

Physical description (Photo optional)
Contact info

Here are some examples of “Hobbies”

RC Cars
Surf Boards
Kite Surfing
Sking/Snow Boarding
Mountain Biking

Finally – this is NOT E-Bay, so no bidding – also and most importantly, any purchases/sales done on here are strictly between buyer and seller so be sure you are both happy before transaction is done.
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Not open for further replies.