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I made a switch panel today for my van. I tried to make something cheap but reasonably good looking for the price as some of the Caravan / boat panels can look a bit knightrider in a village way. Anyway it's super simple to do and hasn't blown up yet.

basic pieces were switches from RawComponents, Digital Voltmeter from HK via ebay and grey plastic box which is some kind of exterior electrical home thing from a French DIY store but the project boxes you can buy at Maplins would work well or some random old biscuit tin your granny has...

Once marked out I drilled 20mm holes with a wood drill bit (bit wonky in thin plastic but edges to be hidden by the switch fascia.

I cut out the space for the Voltmeter with a craft knife and got quite a smooth edge.

Put it all together...

All the earths for the switches lights run down in one cable. Might post some pics of the insides if anyone is interested.

The voltmeter is on the first switch. I did this so that it wouldn't gradually drain the battery from being on all the time. Might be good with a little push to make switch hidden at the side too.

Only bad thing I think was because my blade fuse box was in a different place I had to run individual +ve connections for each switch. If I did it again I might use a slightly bigger box and put the fuses in the same place but I wanted all the electrics switches near the door so I can switch everything off before I leave, like a house!

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