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Just bought a 1993 'velle 2.4 auto, unfortunately it's carrying a few problems with things that I didn't check when test driving. If anyone can help me out I'd appreciate it. I warn you now, I'm a total newbie to electrics, however I do own a multimeter (all the gear, and no idea!)

- The horn doesn't work, the actual horn unit works when tested with a battery and the contacts in the steering wheel seem fine. I can't see any burnt out fuses.

- The 'lights on' buzzer doesn't work. I've bought a number 36 relay and tried it in position 9, nothing, that would have been far too easy. with a multimeter I have tested for voltage (not sure if I was doing it properly tho!") with the ignition on, black common on the door hinge and red probe on the contacts in turn in the relay carrier. With the lights on and interior light on, no voltage showing, the door switches are fine.

- The driver's door will lock and unlock centrally from the passenger side, however it will only lock or unlock itself when operated with the key.

When emptying the ashtray of the previous owners rubbish there were a pile of 10amp fuses which weren't used which alarmed me slightly.

Are any of these things linked? The fuse box is an absolute birds nest of wires and I'm concerned that I could get myself into a right muddle if I start pulling things about. I'm not too concerned about the central locking, but the buzzer (battery will be dead within a week due to the parking light and Mrs Floyd being main driver), and horn for the MOT.

Any help appreciated!
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