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I have a rare folding ramp on my new van, however, when I close the door you can see that the ramp makes up for some of the closure as it’s a cut away floor. That’s being said I feel if I take out the ramp completely I’ll be left with a rectangle hole in the back of my van (drafty). I was wondering if anyone knows if I can put something in to make up for that missing space or whether it would just be easier to grind the ramp off leaving enough ram to block the hole?

I just cut the ramp off with an angle grinder and left the manual folding ramp mechanism in place (however I did bolt it up with a home made bracket). It would be possible to weld the ramp in place with the addition of some bracing.

I have a 2nd spare wheel in the ramp gap. No drafts!

Put a new rear bumper on the back and the jobs a good one.


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