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So my heater control snapped back in the summer and I've just been adjusting the flow from the engine bay for the time being. Now that the weather can't make up it's mind I thought I'd get it fixed rather than keep stopping every five minutes to pop the bonnet and adjust it. ;)

The valve clip is missing and the outer cable was being held together [badly] by a zip cable so I may adjust that. Can someone let me know where the bleed valve is as I can't see one and I've already lost a bit of coolant when removing the valve?

The cable is really tight so also need adjusting. I assume when you get a replacement its for both the inner and outer cable. If so, is it easy to thread the new cable through without taking the dashboard off? I've removed the glove box to see where it goes and I'm hoping where it disappears is pretty much the entrance to the engine bay.

Any other suggestions/recommendations?

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