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Can anybody with experience explain me how the 4x4 Syncro system works?

I thought my van should have 3 x differentials. One between the front wheels, one between the rear wheels and one between front & rear axles.

Now, my problem is this:
The bearing inside gearbox, that holds the gear connected to the rear shaft got broken while driving at 65mph in Belgium.
So, to be able to enjoy my holiday, and not spend a lot of time & money on fixing it properly, I just took out the broken bearing + that gear + I removed a part of the rear shaft.
I then built a flange to replace the missing bearing + gear, filled the gearbox with oil, and start driving in 2wd using only the front wheels.
And I thought that I should somehow activate a diff lock, on the middle diff for this scheme to work.
But I did no such thing, just removed the broken parts and drive away.

So, does this mean that my van had the middle diff permanently locked on?
Perhaps that's why the bearing got broken?
Anyway, since I bought this van (7 months ago), until it happened what I just told you, every time I was turning corners to the left or right AND the gearbox was in neutral, there was a big knocking/crunching noise. After I removed the bearing and disengage the rear transmission, the knocking/crunching has disappeared.

There is a pull out knob in the dash board, switching 3 x vacuum pipes between them. But when I pull it out, there is only one LED coming on.
There is a picture next to it, of a transmission with 4 wheels and there is a LED between the front wheels, one LED between the rear wheels, and one LED between the front & rear axles.
When I pull that knob, only the LED between the rear wheels comes on.

I've done more than 5000 miles since this has happened, and I still drive the van like.
When I'll find some money I'll fix it.
Anyway, seems to get a bit more mpg now.

Any thoughts?

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