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had this problem to start with.

click control panel.
click pictures and albums.
at bottom click add albums.
title album ( something you want to call it )
must be public.
now submit.

now you "click here to upload pictures!"
click choose ie, browse your photos.
now click upload photos. ( make sure there around a 1000x1000) i use paint box to shrink them.

when your typing your message click my photos [insert].
now youll see your photos.
at bottom of your photos you will see some strange text called BBCODE, cut and paste this to your message.
click preview and hey pesto.

id like to see more phots T:

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This post will give a detailed description of how to add your photos to your posts.

Step 1 - Take Photos

  1. The first step is to take pictures with a digital camera or mobile phone. Then download these images from you device to your computer.

Step 2 - Create an Album

  1. To create an album, firstly go to the forums album facility. This link can be found on the main menu named "Pictures"

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page where you will see the following:

    Click the "Add Album" link.

  3. Name you album accordingly:

  4. When finished click "Submit"

Step 3 - Upload Your Photos

  1. Now you have created your album, it is currently empty, now click the "Upload Pictures" link

  2. You will now be presented with an image upload area. Click the "Choose file" action and select which images from your computer you would like to upload.

    You may upload up to 3 pictures at any one time, you may add more pictures in batches of 3.

    You images will be automatically resized for you the maximum allowed dimensions. However, you may receive better results if you resize your pictures manually before uploading.

  3. When finished click "Upload Pictures"

  4. Next you will be presented with the options to add a caption, select which picture will be the album cover and delete any images which are not required:

  5. When finished click "Save Changes"

Step 4 - Add Photos To Your Post
  1. Now you have added you photos to your album you can add them to your posts.

    When creating a new post or thread, you will see the following button and link:

    Click either and a pop-up will display your album and images.

  2. Select from the top drop-down how you would like to display you photo, then click on the image you would like to add to your post.

    The image will automatically be added to your post for you:

If you are trouble with the upload timing out or receive an error such as 'missing security token' then please try resizing the image first. I recommend the following software.

If you are a Windows XP user i recommend the Microsoft Powertoys resizer

Image Resizer
521 KB

Or if you are Windows Vista or Windows 7 I recommend Prish Resizer (this also works with XP)

Prish Image Resizer 1.0
Prish Image Resizer 1.0
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