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How I fitted my Jag seats. Step by step!!!
(My first one so go easy on me)
Tools needed:
Spanners, 15mm, 13mm (x2)
Hss drill bit set (I used 8mm, 10mm plus 4mm pilot)
Cordless drill
Allen keys
Flat screwdriver
8no M8 x 50mm bolts and washers (£4 from Wickes)
4no 5mm mild steel flat plate cut to 415mm x 65mm (£12 from local fabricator)
Plus 2-3 hours of spare time each seat

First of all I removed the whole seat from the van using a 15mm spanner.
Tip the seat on to its back, slide seat forward and remove the starred Allen key bolts circled in yellow.

You should then be able to remove the seat base from the frame to leave this.

Next I reclined the seat back as far as it goes to remove the next four blots circled in yellow.

I was then left with this.

I removed the recliner knob with a screwdriver by prising it off.

Which leaves this.

I then pulled off the plastic cowling around the mechanism.

Which left this.

I then undid the bolt holding on the seat belt receiver to use on the new seats.

Next was to fit it to the news seats. I took my flat screwdriver and prised off the plastic cowling around the receiver on the Jag seat to get at the (what I thought was a) bolt. Wrong!!!!

Seemed it was riveted through so I stuck an 8mm hss bit in me drill and drilled away with some cardboard behind to protect the leather seats from the hot swarf.

Job done!!!
I then bolted the VW receiver through the hole and bob’s yer teapot.

Next was to eye up the new seats to fit on the base. I had already worked out that these seats weren’t wide enough to just sit on the base so I had so I had some 5mm thick mild steel plates knocked up at my local fabricators at the princely sum of £12 all in. Also I realised that these seats weren’t going to sit on the original sliding mechanism so I took off the four allen key bolts to remove it from the base. The new seats are electric so it’s not like I need it anyway. I laid the steel plates on the base to get the centres right and then measured in to mark the hole.

Drilled with a 4mm hss pilot first then through with an 8mm hss bit and bolted up.

Next was the front blots as these seats have a fold over the front fitment so got out the trusty 8mm again and drill through for the front fixings.

Next was to bolt up the front to make sure it stayed where it was to mark the back holes. Forgot to take a pic here but took one once fitted.

Next was to mark the rear holes and bolt down to sit the whole thing level and secure. Forgot again but took one after.

Then carry the whole thing (which by now is bloody heavy) to the van and stick the 15mm nuts back on.

As you can see it does sit a little high in the van but I’m hoping that once I’ve wired it up it will go down enough. If not its back to the drawng board to find a way the lower it a little.

These are the control switches which I’m going to fit in the door card aswell as the electric window kit that Xbones09 (Billy) so kindly swapped for a blank door card. (Cheers Billy) Any help on the wiring for the windows would be appreciated as I’m doing it tomorrow. Hopefully just a case of wiring a live (brown) and negative (Black) to the switches below and run the colour other wires down to the seats with the fitment on the other end.

Well that’s it for today. Just got to fit the other one tomorrow as well as me mate fixing the head gasket on me other T4 then swap the engines over as the big ends have gone on mine. Nighty night folks.

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Right had a look at the electrics today and relised that in bolting down the seats i had clamped down the mechnism that moves when you move the seat forward and back so had to cut out a notch in the plate and seat base, like so

After i did this i just had to figure out who the wiring was going to work before i go to the trouble of fitting it to the door cards. Cut of the clip with the positive and negative and wired 12v dc to it and hey presto everything works except forward and back. (Great!!!!)

After i bit of testing with a multimeter i found that the positive (Pink wire) was the one that actuated the solenoid. So clipped the pink and the pink/grey wire that was going to another plug and joined them together.

All now working and correct for me to carry on with fitting the switches to the door cards.
Well thats it for another day. Will update soon with the wiring into the door card when i get another 5 mins.

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I've got hold of leather electric an heated sears from a 1995 Jaguar XJR. They seem to fit the width of the the subframe perfectly fitted at front with two bolts as above but need a plate to extend rear holes. Height of seat is good too as the xjr seats seem lower and similar height to standard T4 seats and have front and rear height adjustment. Even got electric adjustment of headrest and pump up lumbar support.
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