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Due to the limit on number of images allowed, I have disabled all image tags (simply by removing the second ] so it will be easy to re-enable when privaleges allow)

How to enter image's into your posts.

Thanks for taking the time to read the VWT4 Forums guide on posting pictures; it is quite a comprehensive guide and will get you familiar
with the basics of entering your photo's into the forum enviroment.

Opening a Picture Hosting Account

The first stage to being able to post pictures is to open an image hosting account.
We recommend using photobucket, as it is free and we found this to be a reliable picture hosting company.

We would appreciate if you could create a dedicated photobucket account specifically for the photo's you enter into VWT4Forum posts:

The purpose of this is to ensure that any images you enter into the T4forum remain there: If you do not do this after time: if you delete or move images,
this will create a X in any post on the forum where you had entered the image.

An Example


This essentailly leads to loss of content of your posts and their eventual deletion.

Creating Your Photobucket Account

To create an account, Click Here

This will open a new window to the photobucket homepage.

You will be need a Username, password and a valid email address to create your photobucket account.

Click on the join now button!

The Account Creation page opens.


Choose a username and password and click on next step.


This brings up the last part of the photobucket registration: enter your details (you do not need to add your postcode if in the Uk).
Then click on I accept sign me up.


You have now created a photobucket Account and are viewing your photobucket album main page.


You have created your photobucket account and are almost ready to start uploading your photo's.

You can now start to organise and size your images.

It's worth a taking a few minutes to organise your albums at this stage: as you may end up with quite a lot of photo's of your van.

We would suggest creating at least 2 sub albums titled exterior & interior : this will really help to keep your images organised in the long term.

Creating A Sub Album

Enter the title of the sub album you wish to create for your images


Click on Submit sub album.


In the sub albums menu a new sub album has been created

(Repeat this stage for any sub albums you wish to create.)

Now click on the album you wish to upload your images to: this will open the sub album.

Sizing your Images

If you are uploading photo's directly from a digital camera, these will be huge on the T4 forum, which uses up critical dataspace
and disrupts the forum layout.

Before uploading your images you need to specify the image size to be displayed: you must select the size of image before uploading your images.

(You need to change this setting for any image size you wish to display)


Click on the options link.

This will open the image size options menu.


There are a number of options listed for the display size of image.

VWT4Forum Guidelines

We would appreciate if you used the avatar or thumbnail option to display an avatar in my profile.

The maximum size for an avatar is 200 x 200.

Use the 320 x 240 option for normal or multiple images.

Use the 640 x 480 option in the Front Page Forum only.

The 640 x 480 is the maximum permissable size allowed on the forum.

(If you select the image size required and click save: any photo's that you now upload will be saved as this size.)

100 x 75 Image


160 x 120 Image


320 x 240 Image


(Please use for multiple images)

640 x 480 Image.


(Please use only for the frontpage forum.)

Uploading an Image

Click on browse on the upload menu and photobucket will open a window onto the file system of your computer.

If you select the file where your images are located and then double click on the image you wish to upload to photobucket.

The image information will be added to the upload menu.

(You can add a title for the image at this stage)


When you have selected the images you wish to upload: hit the upload button.

Photobucket will then automatically start to upload your selected images.


Photobucket will display a message confirming that your images have been successfully uploaded.

The page will reload and your images will be displayed with image information displayed directly underneath.


For the purpose of adding a picture to your posts the bottom information (IMG Code) is all that is required.

If you click on the image Code: the message copied will be displayed.

You are now ready to enter your image into your post.
Select where you wish your image to be dispayed within your post.
Right click with the mouse and a drop down menu will be displayed.


Left click on the paste option and a line of image code will be pasted
into your post.

This is your image in code form: if you change it: the image will not display


When you have finished composing your post, hit submit and your image will be displayed.


Thanks for taking the time to read this guide and we hope it has assisted you in getting to grips with the basics of photoposting.

Additional Information can be found:

photobucket tutorials

Copyright © 2003-2006 Photobucket Inc. All rights reserved.
NB thanks to photobucket.com for the use of images and selected text

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I don't know if you need to modify the above post, have just been to User CP and the avatar max size is 80x80 or 8.0kb.

Have tried uploading mine but the forum is not allowing it to upload at this time even at 80x60 3.7kb will try again later just in case there are a few gremlins around at the moment.

Can i ask what you mean by front page forum as regards the larger pictures?

And does anyone know if the maximum number of pics allowed in each post, now set at 4 will be a permanent rule? I wanted to transfer my build over (my build so far with pics) from the old forum, but my original first post to the thread on the old forum had 11 pics.

Hopefully the thread has been of some help to people, with 192 replies and 14,025 views/hits i thought it would be a good idea to move it to the new forum where i could continue to add to it (once i get my van back from VW)

Cheers, Baloo (1L)

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It will need some readjustment for the new forum, but that will come later, when I have permissions to edit and such.

I cant really answer any other q's on this as the forum is still new and folks are still getting used to it.

Im sure the forum will settle down quickly and then the tweaks can begin to make the forum better than it ever ever was.....
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