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Some progress on the new van, 94 1.9D, and some problems. Paint is buffing up a treat, and fixed the rattles underneath, but...

I've got an alarm that sounds when it wants to, but no warning lights are showing, so i'm not sure where to start.

None of the warning lights on the left hand side illuminate when the ignition is turned on. Only the glow plug, battery, and handbrake light come on, the oil pressure and temp light don't. On other VW's I've owned, these lights always come on when the car is first turned on, so i presume they are faulty.

I'm unable to find in the search how to test, or fix these. I've checked all the fuses, and the warning light fuse does blow if the ignition is left on for 5 mins without the engine running. Could it be to do with the circuit board on the back of the dash. I'm due to take it out to resolder the connection to fix the fuel gauge and temp gauge common fault, but maybe i'm best to get a reclaimed one for fix all the problems at once?

I also rewired the stereo back in last night, and this morning... flat battery. Stereo was off, and working when i turned the key, so not sure how it got drained. Could it be a faulty stereo?

Any advice before i start getting it apart.

Dropping it at garage tomorrow for a full overhaul as I have no idea of the service history, but i know investigating issues like this can be time consuming and expensive, so thought i'd check here as everyone seems to have had and fixed any problem that can happen!

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