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Here's a little "howto" for those who don't know how to post an image.

1. Get your image ready and open up T4 forum in one window and a seperate tab/browser window with http://www.imageshack.us

2. On the imageshack web site, browse to your picture and select it. Check the "resize image for message boards" option. Whatever your image size, this will resize it so that it fits on the board perfectly.

3. Hit the "host it" button

4. It will take a few moments to upload. When it has and the screen refreshes, scroll down to the bottom

5. Highlight the text in the "hotlink for forums" box, right click and select "copy"

6. On your post, place the cursor where you want the image to appear. Right click and select "paste"

7. You will see the HTML code appear in your post. If you select "preview" the post will then display correctly with the image

8. Voila, you are done!
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