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Our T5 air con selector switch has gone. ive found the section on how to fix it, and will get around to it one day, but thinking about it gave me an idea.

Is this a good idea? has anyone else already done something similar?! :

While the aircon bit is in bits, or at least, while one is in the mood for fiddling with it, I could tap onto the "feet" outlet for the aircon, and divert it under the rear floor. Laying a number of narrower pipes (whose total capacity exceeds the single foot blower pipe capacity) under the cab floor mat, and connecting it onto the voids between the rear floor, and the metal body work. The hot air should be blown through the gaps in the floor ribs, and then ultimately come out either at the back of the van, or perhaps through some modified tie down recesses.

Should be a quick and dirty way of getting heat into the floor of the van, and into the air at the back of the van, without having to install proper underfloor heating etc.

Any thoughts?
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