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OK, this may seem a completely offtopic post to some, but I'd just like to express my love for the T4.

It's a bloody awesome van. So darned reliable it's untrue. Sure we've had water leaks, oil leaks, fires and headgasket trouble, but it's never not started. Even left sitting for a year and a half, put the jump leads on it and it went first time.

It's a true van, and nothing will persuade me otherwise.

140K, nothing really.

So, I'm going to clean all the engine bay up, stick some decent speakers in it, put some MK3 Golf seats in it that I have spare, and go from there.

We're gonna sort the body work out, and maybe a badgeless grill and respray steelies black or dark grey with a blue lip.

No lowering as it's a work horse, but just a few things.

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