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07954052764 if this is easier fee free to pop me a message and il reply ASAP

hi everyone. Maybe someone could steer me in the right direction please as I am totally useless :)

i haveVW LT46 tdi minibus. I am looking to convert into a campervan.

it had 17 seats but have now removed 14 of them to save On weight

there is also a huge ramp underneath which looks very heavy indeed.

how do I weight the vehicle ?

How do I down the weight and do I need a new logbook showing this ?

what things might I have to do please so I can use it legally on my drivers licence - I only passed 2 years ago

I’m ever so grateful and here is a couple of pics of the vehicle - if I manage to upload them.

but this is the tag on the van and weights as follows



1- 1750kg

2- 3200kg

it’s a 2003

or is it already ok to just fit it out as a campervan and drive it ?
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