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Hi everyone, been following the posts on here for a while now but finally decided to sign up and start talking.

I'm looking for my first T4, i know exactly what i'm after and what ill eventually want it to look like but Just finding the right van to start with is difficult. Especially that they seem to ascend in value every second!! I'm 25 years old and am wondering if anyone has a rough idea of insurance costs aswell.

If anyone knows of a T4 SWB with the 2.5engine preferably with two captains chairs and a row of two behind then let me know, i drive a lot of bands around and feel that the T4 will be the perfect van for me. Its size, gear space and reliability are exactly what i need! (and the fact that they're my favourite looking van of course).

Are there any major warnings to give me when im looking around for my first van? if something is under £2000 is it worth looking at?

Would appreciate any help anyone has.

Many thanks,

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