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Hi all,

My wife and I have been searching for what we would like in a campervan and believe we have narrowed it down to the following few. Firstly, we have a nearly 3 year old and 1 year old, want something for day trips plus a week or so away. Think we have narrowed what we like in camper vans to -
Reimo Trio style
Reimo Freevan (Although due to side kitchen setup and sliding door only available in Germany??)
VW California SE
We would like the convenience of being able to adjust the seats, so the variotech Reimo seat we would like (Is it called this, the one on runners) and like the Reimo pop top roof/bed. SWB we think is fine as we still like to use it now and again in car parks, winding roads etc......
We don't like the standard grey cupboards, and have approx £30k to spend on one. additionals are leather seating for ease of cleaning with kids. If anyone has any other ideas/experiences on if this is the right sounding set up or if anyone knows of any Reimo Trio style or VW California SE's available (with around 40,000-70,000 miles) please let me know as we have really struggled to find any of the Reimo conversions or California's.

Many thanks, Ian
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