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hi guys,
just switched my 245/45/18's for my standard 195/70/15's ready for the winter. couple of things i have noticed immediately which may explode a few myths.

1. ride quality is not better by having the standard 15" tyres on. put that down to them being 3" narrower than my 18's.

2. acceleration and responsiveness is better with the standard tyres, and fuel economy is slightly improved, conclude that is because rolling diameter is reduced therefore even though the wheel needs to rotate more times to cover the same distance, the engine has to work less hard to drive that wheel, hence better fuel economy.

3. even though grip is much better with the 245/18's on, the steering response is much sharper with the standard 15's. put that down to the fact that increasing the overall diameter with the 245/45/18's has actually messed up the steering geometry slightly.


when purchasing bigger alloys remember that if you choose to go bigger on the tyre rolling radius (as i did) there are some compromises to contend with. the reason for going with the 245/45/18's was because they made the speedo read more accurately and that particular size is more readily available with higher load ratings.

for next year i shall try for 225/45/18's or 235/40/18's which are much closer to the standard 195/70/15 rolling radius.

anybody else had similar experiences, and please feel free to disagree.
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