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hi there, I have the DRL light units and the loom upgrade from Xtreme van. Been installed a while and just noticed that I have no high beam indicator light on the dash and that when I deactive main beam when the dipped beam are switched on the indicators flash.

I dont recall it doing this before! I had a look around here and the only thing I could think of was the yellow dim/dip wire to disconnect, but I am sure that I either did that at the time or it was not present on my ex-AA 2003.

The other strange thing it does that I think is wrong. If you have NO lights on but flash the high beam, you can "lock" it on so that when you relesae the stalk the main beam goes out, BUT when you turn the lights on the main beam is on!

Cannot see any fuses that control the main beam indicator, but strange that indicators both flash. Any help appreciated especially seeing as main beam indicator is an MOT failure now :(
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