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Just installed a 12v switch panel into my van as previously the connections were under the drivers seat via a bosch fuse holder box.
This worked but did not give me the control over the various circuits that I would have like so I decided to install a switch panel.

Started by isolation the leisure battery so it was safe to handle the circuits.
The disconnected the 3 circuits (lights, 12v front, 12v back) which was tricky as the position of the fuse box was under the drivers seat. where i
Once everything was disconnected I had to decided on where to put the switch panel. We have a 1995 T4 with a factory Bilbo conversion. A pod unit behind the drivers chair take up some space, there is then distance between the pod and the back bench seat, which flips over to make the double bed :cool:. So the best place was between the pod and the seat, quick check to make sure the bed would not hit the panel when fitted, which it did not.

I then had to look around on this form at some stripped vans, as I did not know what was behind the panels, a few pictures showed there was enough spare to flush fit the panel, so I marked it out and cut a decent hole for it to fit into. This cut out was reinforced with some battens to give a fixing for the panel and to make stronger.

I had to remover the pod (2 bolts) from the van and cut circular hole, about 60mm, where it would be hidden by the pod, for my cables to enter behind the panel up to the new switch board location.
To hold the cable and protect them I install 20mm copex, which I had to fish using rods behind the panels. 1 for the + and - from the battery (which I wired in 10mm), 1 for the 3 circuits to be extend from under the drivers seat (I used 2.5 stranded single cables through crimped on) and one was for the water pump circuit which I was making new. Again 2.5 stranded cable to the water pump.

The switch panel require a + from my leisure battery (10mm) and - (10mm) these were connected via terminal blaocks to the panel and then to the battery.
The 3 circuits only required + from the switch panel as they already had a local - wired and working A:. These + cables were connect to the output of a switch on the panel.
The water pump require a + and a - from the panel as this was a new circuit.
Once it was all connected using spade crimps at the panel, through crimps and tape for joints. Reconnect leisure battery. I could then test and organise each circuit to the correct switch and label.
Now have better control over circuits.
I did not go for a panel with a volt meter on as I purchased a separate digital volt meter that plugs into a 12v socket, so I use this when required, also handy for the main battery.

Panel was £50
Cables, copex, crimps I had already.

Just got a bit of finishing to do round the panel

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