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So I just wanted to say out there to anyone who is not satisfied with the sound in your Volkswagen.
The best solution I could find was to install Two 6x9 Kenwood speakers on the side door panel of my 1991 T4. Also I took out the 4" speakers because they are far too piercing. And last but not least I installed a subwoofer. A simple under chair automatic powered subwoofer.

Pioneer TS-WX130EA Subwoofer

This is key to the sound. It sounds fantastic in here now. All this is pwered by a simple IEGeek k302 (That is my stereo, since I only need USB, Bluetooth and an Aux this worked out perfect.

I'm really satisfied with the quality. The door panel speakers don't look to bad either. I installed them in the storage bin on the panels. So I ended up cutting out holes to fit them and it turned out great. I do not need those panels for storage so it worked out! I recommend this install if.youre frustrated with your system.
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