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Recently bought a 2001 T4 800 special, I noticed when driving at night the insturment cluster needle and clock back lights do not light up. I started digging around the fuses and located the wire for these lights (which when I found it was cut) and it was wired into the central locking fuse.

Meaning when I connect the wires back together the lights stay permanently on with or without a key in the ignition.

What I'd like to do is to take the wire that has been cut and wired to the central locking fuse (the central doesn't work either but that's a future post) and wire it back to where it is supposed to be so that when I turn my headlights on the lights on the needles and clock backlights turn on. As I can't see how fast I'm going when driving in low light conditions. Would anybody be able to help shed some light on my issue?

Thank you in advance
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