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Complete newbie when it comes to all things insurance regarding vans, so bare with me.

I've done a fair bit of reading and my "idea" to how we can do our next camper. We did own a Hymer, which has since been written off due to the rain we had up north a few years back. We've not been in the position to buy a new van till now / coming soon so this is the background regarding my questions.

I've two methods of obtaining the van we want.

1) Buy a panel van, low mileage 2011 plate straight forward panel van. - Add windows, seats and turn into a camper over 6 months

2) Buy a Kombi - And turn this into a camper over 6 months

My insurance question is - Is there a huge difference between the two methods insurance policy wise. I imagine getting the panel van turned into a camper on the V5 will be hard enough so worrying about insurance is the my problem.

I am happy to supply any of the insurance representatives details and reg details for the vans I have in mind if people want to quote me. Just send me a PM

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