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I'm not sure why your fuse card shows SB29 as "interior light". As far as I can tell that fuse supplies the dual inverter relay, which is for the locking system, not the lighting.

To be completely unambiguous you need to say which of the two fuse panels under the centre of the dash you are referring to - the upper panel is SB and the lower is SC.

The situation is not simple because the lighting is controlled by the main BCM, and that has multiple supplies to it, and a blown fuse on any of those supplies can affect several outputs.

Firstly I would recommend that you check SC17 (in the lower fuse panel, 7.5A). If that's Ok, the next thing to do is to check all of the fuses that supply the BCM. The easiest way to do that is to check all of the fuses! It should not be too time consuming, as the factory standard fuses should have two test points on the front, so you don't have to take them out to test them.
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