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after browsing through all the forums and seeing many starting problems resolved, I was wondering if anyone can help here:
Mostly starting, sometimes not. When not starting, the glow light is one and there is a single click sound. I could easily clutch -start the engine.
THEN: hooray, i found that, when I connected the 'trigger wire' with the plus on the battery (I think people also call this 'shorting' the starter), the starter motor worked.
My QUESTION: what does this now mean?
1. is the starter motor definitely fine? yes?
2. there is no current coming to the trigger wire when it should.... how to fix that?
To make things more complicated (me for, but this could help you with assessing:) after this, I checked and the van started beautifully with the ingnition key.... How could shorting now have taken away the problem?
All very puzzling to me...
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