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Hi Everyone,

Just a small introduction to our company.

We are Flocking Ltd.

We provide Flock Consumables and Flocking equipment to the Trade and DIY enthusiasts Worldwide .
Our range of Flocking Supplies is extensive and we have everything for anyone wanting to start a small business or just Flock as a hobby.

We offer a full bespoke start up service for anyone wanting to carry out a DIY project or wanting to set up flocking as part of a new venture or even adding Flocking to the current services offered in their business. We can advise on the correct machinery, correct Adhesive and Flock for whatever your project may be.

We started off our own journey Flocking many car/van interiors and have since become the No 1 UK supplier of Flock, Adhesives and Flocking Machines.

Flocking is a cost effective alternative to the conventional Car Interior trimming methods such as Leather or Alcantara re-trimming, and a great way to introduce innovative new styles. Flocking is a hugely popular way of getting tired interiors looking renewed/refreshed at a fraction of the cost or just adding a bit of individual style.

There are many other benefits to Flocking such as eliminating that annoying glare from your dashboard when the sun is beating down, it also reduced condensation and has sound proofing qualities.

With various Machines available please get in touch with your requirements.

We are happy to offer Discounts and even Group buy purchases if the demand is there.

We would like to start by showcasing our FK1-PRO and FK5-PRO Flocking Machines, which are perfect start up kits.


The FK1-PRO is the ultimate DIY Flocking Machine for the Hobbyist and Professional alike. With up to 20KV from a Powerful 9V Battery this Flocking Applicator Machine will complete your Flocking Projects with ease and with a professional looking finish, every time.
Simple to use with full Instructions supplied.
Heavy Duty Robust Body constructed from tough Plastic and Metal Materials, so it wont break easily if used around the Workplace, Home or Workshop.
Stainless Steel Sieve Head Mesh for longevity of your applicator Pot.
High Energy 9v Battery (Supplied Fitted) Ready to use in the easy access Battery compartment.
Rubber Grip for ease of use and a nice easy grip in your hand.
The applicator that is made to last!
Engineered and Hand Made in the UK

The FK1-PRO Advanced Starter Kit comes inclusive with:
1.5 Kilo Epoxy Adhesive Set
500g Of Flock in a Colour of Choice
100g Epoxy Pigment in Chosen colour


FK5 - PRO Mains Operated portable Flock Spraying Equipment

The FK5 Pro is a mid level professional Machine with a 35kv Fixed output
This Machine is light weight and portable and is capable of Flocking a large variety of Small, Medium or Large Substrates.
Machines of this type are used Widely in the Automotive Industry for Flocking Car Interiors such as Dashboards. A Pillars, Glove boxes etc.
Flock 2d and 3d objects with ease.
Used for Flocking in the Automotive, Makeup effects, Furniture Manufacturing, Taxidermy, Arts and Crafts sectors and much more.

The FK5 - Pro Starter Kit comes complete with:

FK5 - Pro unit
12V Power Adapter
Foot Switch
Applicator Assembly
Applicator Mesh Head
Earthing Cable
Anti-static Earth Strap
Full Instruction Manual
1Kg 1.0mm 3.3 decitex Nylon Flock - Jet Black
3Kg Epoxy Adhesive
Epoxy Pigment - Black
1 Litre Epoxy Solvent (Acetone) UK Only

Technical Specification:
DC Output
35kV negative Max (Fixed)

DC - 9 to 12 VDC
Power Switch
Generator Dimensions (WxHxD)
170mm x 60mm x 250mm

These Machines will give you a fully professional result with the satisfaction of knowing you carried out the project and save you hundreds of pounds. Plus saves the hassle of having to send off your parts to be flocked elsewhere.

We also offer small relatively inexpensive DIY kits for those wanting to have a go at flocking small items and pieces of trim. These kits although they are suitable for Dashboards and larger items, these are best to be purchased for small items. For larger items we always recommend using one of our Machines and our 2 part Epoxy Adhesive for the best working time and finish.

For any enquiries please contact us on 01773 716766 or email [email protected] and one of our team will be happy to assist you.
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