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Hello all ,
My name is Eric Burger 42 years old and i'm from Holland, the past year i bought and customized my multivan in to a clean and awesome car . I'm not done yet and lots of things are on my list . This is how i am so far and i hope to see and learn on this forum .
In a few weeks i get my New leather seats and do some work in the front cabin . Soon my mate who is a awesome mechanic and myself are going te build up a replacement engine for my van . This wil be a overhauled block with a New head, New cam and valves, larger atomizers and a bigger turbo , pipes and intercooler.
I currently got 174 hp and the engine runs supurb after a bridge over the atomizers and a New clutch and flywheel and i got 385.000 kilometers on the clock. First i took care of the rest and now in a few months the heart of my van wil be transplanted into a ( almost ) brand New engine with more power .
I wil be hanging arround here to see what you are all up to and looking forward to see it all .
For now kind regards from this side of the pond .

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