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Hi there

Taken along time to get this report ready, but here it is,

7 Nights in Ireland, Easter 2013

We left the house early on Saturday morning with 8 inches of snow in the back garden. It was very quiet on the roads from Leicester along the south of Wales to Fishguard.

Nice and sunny while we waited for the ferry which didn’t seem busy and a very smooth crossing arriving on time in Rosslare.

Night 1
We had booked the first night at Carne Beach Campsite about 5 miles from the ferry port. On arrival the reception was closed so we went to the bar. They said it should be open so went back. No definitely shut, so back to the bar. They then took €20 and gave us a key for the toilets. “Follow the wiggly white line in the middle of the road to the touring park” so we did. We drove for what seemed like miles through hundreds of Static Caravans. Over the severest speed humps I’ve ever encountered, anyone in a lowered camper would really struggle, and eventually found the touring area where two other parties were stood around scratching their heads trying to get the electrical hook-ups to work. The first hook-up we tried didn’t work so I decided to walk round with my extension until I found one that did. It had 4 outlets so the other people moved across. The ladies with the caravan that they had carefully backed in, levelled and then uncoupled were non to pleased to say the least!
So off to try the toilets, there were no lights or hot water! Been up since 4am, it was freezing cold and blowing a gale so we couldn’t be d to drive or walk back to the bar. Had our tea and went to bed, so much for Irish hospitality!

When we booked out in the morning the lady in reception was most apologetic and gave us our money back.

It's not often you see 3, yes 3(if you look carefully) abandoned Rolls Royces.

Night 2
We arrived in the rain at Clonvilla Caravan and Camping Park, Clonpriest near Youghal. We were the only people on site. Everything adequate although the sight of an electric shower is the guarantee of a luke warm dribble. Cost €25 for the night.

Night 3
We drove over the stunning Healy Pass (R574) to the Creveen Lodge Caravan and Camping site. Again we were the only people on site. Nice hot showers with a camper’s kitchen with TV and log fire laid if we wanted to light it. Wonderful views but very windy, shaking the T5 around at times. Noticed the other caravans on site had straps across the roof tied either end to a big pile of bricks to stop them blowing away. Cost €24 for the night, old but clean and plenty of hot water.

Night 4
Mortimer’s Mannix Point Campsite at Cahersiveen, on the Ring of Kerry, was the next stop. Sign on reception said, “not here at the moment, park where you want, will be back later”, so we did.
Parked right next to the sea with fantastic views over the bay and islands, Mortimer did turn up later, really nice gent. Some of the best facilities we experienced with a camper’s kitchen and massive lounge with a fire to light if you want. Cost €29 but superb.

Night 5
Had dinner in Dingle then went over the Connor Pass to the Anchor Campsite at Castle Gregory. If you walk over the sand dunes at the end of the site there is a ??? mile beach with not a single person on it. We walked, 15 minutes, to the pub at the end the lane, with lovely views over the bay. Nice site for €20.

Night 6
Blarney campsite was next. Good site. We walked along the road to the nearest bar which was at the golf club. The golf bit had been dug up “during the good times” for a housing development but due to the collapse was now planted with barley - but they’d kept the bar. Cost €24 for the night.

Night 7
St Margaret’s Camping site is just outside Rosslare and perfect for a 08.30am ferry back to Fishguard. Nice, clean and tidy campsite within view of the Carne Beach site we stayed at the first night. This site is much, much better, if we go again it will be the site we use. Cost €20 for the night with a brand new toilet/shower block, camper’s kitchen and lounge.

Other thoughts

Some stunning white sand beaches with blue water, hills and mountains, we spent a lot of time following the coastal roads which is very slow progress due their roughness.

Main roads are good but when they go through a village or town they become really rough. No pot holes just repairs, on top of repairs, on top of repairs which shook the T5 badly even at 10-15 mph in second gear. A lot of the minor roads have miles of this type of surface. Anything lowered, with coilovers and low profile tyres would struggle.

There is little use of indicators and much use of mobile phones. We were forced off the road by a car coming round a bend completely on the wrong side of the road. I don’t know how we didn’t collide; we ended up in a gutter against a hedge with scratches on the mirror but feel lucky to be alive! The lady driver just carried on and drove off.

On street parking requires a Permit, which you buy from a lot of the shops. Handily the signs don’t tell you this, we thought you had to apply to the council and we drove round for ages before we found this out. The permits are like big scratch cards where you scratch off the year, month, date, hour and minute to display in the windsreen when you leave your vehicle, different zones give you 1 or 2 hours parking. The zone we were in was 1 hour; you can’t scratch off 2 cards to run one after another to give 2 hours so you have to go back to your car every hour to scratch off a new card. Even this is dodgy as I reckon you are supposed to move the vehicle, all in all a pain. The shop owners say it has been the cause of a big drop in trade and subsequently everyone now goes to the out of town shops with free unlimited parking, but the council refuse to listen and get all the permit money.

Nearly all the campsites had free Wi-Fi.

Cold strong wind from the east and cloudy the first couple of days, with heavy rain one afternoon. After that it was still cold and windy but with clear blue skies with frost in the mornings. But as Mortimer said “if it was a warm wind from the southwest it would be raining all the time”

Diesel is cheaper than unleaded and cheaper than diesel in the UK. Food in the shops is more expensive than the UK and eating out costs more.
Our total trip mileage was 1144 miles and the T5.1 Kombi 2.0L 140 hp did 40 mpg. Ferry cost £300.

Had another very smooth crossing back to Fishguard and drove home in bright sunshine, there was still snow in the garden.

Would we go again? Yes, the scenery was stunning!
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