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Like many T4 owners I've been plagued with front end suspension rattles, and over the past couple of years I've fitten new ball joints, arb bushes, arb links, track rods etc, and gradually the van has got quieter. But there was still a persistent clunky rattle from 'somewhere down there' which I couldn't track down. Bushes are all fiine, I was starting to think wheel bearings? worn CV joints?....running out of things to change.

This weekend I changed my front discs and pads. The callipers were very rusty, and there were marked areas on the inside of the calliper where the pads or disc had polished the surface. Chipped and wire brushed of the worst of the rust, cleaned up the contact faces and fitted the new pads and discs. All pretty straighhtforward.

Driving around today the van was wierdly quiet - no clunky rattling! I don't know exactly what was making contact with what, but the combination of new brake parts and de-rusting the callipers has made eliminated a noise that had been getting on my nerves for the last year and a bit. :)

If you've got the rattles, and nothing else is suspect, it might be worth looking at your callipers too.
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