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Not sure if this is the right place to post this but.........Is the forum membership still £10 a year or not :*

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Basic Forum membership is free, always has been :ILU:

A few months back the admin team made the decision to make all areas of the forum public so everyone could look at everything T: So all the tech information was not restricted.

You can if you wish still pay a £10 (per year) fee to become a registered / enhanced member this is really to enhance the forum's usability it does not give you any more access to information. For your tenner you get:

Posting threads in classifieds
Access to user profiles
Sparkly badge
Bigger pm box
Unlimited 'in-forum' Album facility
^^ Thus allowing one to Post pictures directly on a thread using the forum and not an external host
Ability to turn off adverts
Bigger Avatar
Ability to edit your posts
Credits for use in the Showroom
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