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My partner and I bought our dream camper van a couple of years ago. A 2003 LWB T4 with 330,000km done up with a bed and shelves in the back. She has enough room for our mountain bikes and our climbing gear and us on the inside, as well as the usual basic camper set up.

She's not been in the best mechanical shape. She's broken down once due to a split clutch fluid reservoir, her turbo seems to have a little bit of trouble in mid-summer (though fine most of the time), a bit of rust in places, and we had to replace her battery. Even though she's been a bit of a work horse (other than those minor issues) and treated us very well, I have no idea if she has another 100,000km left in her or she'll break down tomorrow and be too expensive to fix. We are trying not to spend too much money on her.

Our problem is that in January our first child is due. Our camper only has two seats - no current attachments for a baby capsule or a toddler chair. I've done a bit of googling on what our options are and it just all seems too hard (and a bit too expensive).

I was hoping to be able to put a double/bench seat in the front to fit the three of us up front. The advantage of this is that it doesn't change the registration category. The problem is that I'm not sure a baby capsule will fit up front without getting an engineer to install some attachment points, and if they do, then it will be very squishy sitting my partner next to the baby capsule for long drives (and short drives). The problems with putting seats in the back is that it'll cost $$$ and change the registration category (more $$$). All this for a camper which may conk out tomorrow...

Is it time to let her go? Look for a newer, easier option?
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