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When I was changing the big end bearings on my 2001 VW Transporter 2.5 Petrol I obviously had to remove the sump, undid all the bolts and then hit it with a rubber hammer to break the seal on the sump gasket. It came away on the timing belt end but was stuck fast on the gearbox end so thought it must just be stuck on the gasket so got the pry bars out and hammered flat blade screw drivers into the gap-still no joy, must have checked the sump over a dozen times for hidden bolts but they were all out! I was ripping my hair out at this point when I spoke to a mate who's into transporters......... theres two hidden bolts behind the flywheel!! To access them there are two cut outs in the bottom of the flywheel cover, whilst looking through them get an assistant to turn the engine over by hand slowly and there is one special cut out in the flywheel, look very hard through the hole when its lined up with a torch and you will just see (covered in ****) the hidden bolt (there are two in total but you have to move the flywheel again a bit to get to the second one)

Hope this saves somebody a bit of time/money and prevents somebody from destroying their sump!

Also you can remove the sump without removing the driveshaft :)

Cheers, Rick
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