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2 months after putting down my deposit I collected my shiny red '06 SWB today.

I have learnt so much from all the posts on this forum and because of this I felt right at home in the back of the van when I started stripping her down. I have already made a few posts, but only now feel i can officially pronounce myself on the forum, now that I have her safely in my grip. Here she is...

And inside...

In her former life she provided the wheels for the Transport of London bus stop cleaners! She is pretty immaculate, but I guess the stop start life she has had so far isn't the best, but with only 27k on the clock hopefully everything will be fine.

Having set about stripping everything out of the rear, I came across the bit of metal on the near side wheel arch. I am sure someone will be able to tell me what it is. Can I just grind it off?

Also had a bit of a bonus find when the dealer (David Ray Commercials Ltd in Derby, who were great and swapped the front bench seat for a folding one for free) told me the van had a leisure battery (75ah) and split charge relay already installed. Does the electrikery, the thing with '100' (amps?), at the bottom in the centre of this image look like the split charge relay? There is nothing by the vehicle battery so I am presuming this is.

Answers to these queries will be greatly received. Anyway, having had to disconnect the internal fluorescent light to remove the bulkhead I was defeated by the light so this is the current state of play.

Before I completely gave up I tried to lift the chipboard floor up and realised it has been glued with something very strong. Any ideas for getting it up/cleaning up the mess as easy as possible? Finally, what do most people do with the bulkhead, is it worth putting on ebay? Mine has a nice little window in it, but isn't 100% perfect.

All being well the conversion will be done for Christmas, fingers crossed.
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