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Well I've taken the plunge and bought myself a new T28 LWB 114.

Should be ready in 2 weeks so started a bit of a shopping spree, dynamat and elec hook up on route:D

Reading through lots of threads and its full of tips and ideas, so I'm looking to convert my van but want the kitchen fitted to the back of the bulkhead, this way I can sleep in the back next to my bike and that isn't a reference to the wife.

So I'm happy with the electrics, insulating and layout but do have a couple of questions that I would like some help on which are as follows.

Is there any other option to carpeting he walls?

I want to take the van to Ski resorts so would like a night heater fitted externally, I've heard it would need an uprated pump for the conditions. So would I be better off mounting it internally and where is the best place to supply and fit? I work between the Northwest and South coast.

I've seen advertised 20cm door speaker rings, has anyone fitted 20cm speakers and any tips or recommendations?

Thanks in advance.

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