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Hi all,

The time has finally come to get myself a T5 (a long term ambition).

I aim to do a basic but high quality camper/day van conversion, with the best insulation I can get (warm in winter/*cool in summer* :cool), electrics, skylight, wind powered extractor. I'm quite tall so I want a full size bed - not bothered by cupboards or kitchens etc!

Most importantly, I want a really good van as the basis for the conversion. Think I'd rather buy the van unconverted because it seems I'll get better overall value that way, plus I get the exact spec I want. But I'm open minded...

Base vehicle budget is max £12k, and I ideally want a panel van (stealth camper!) with air con. I want LWB, low miles (<80k) full service history, ideally 10 years old max, never written off. Work vans fine if they're clean and cared for...

Any recommendations, suggestions or know of a good van for sale, I'm all ears! T:

I'd much rather buy from an enthusiast than a trader - I bought my BMW Airhead from a similar forum and it's been amazing so thought I'd give this a go :)


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