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afternoon all

I've just taken my 18" Kahn alloys (these ones - http://www.kahnwheels.com/shop/4/index.htm ) off my van due to getting a nail puncture in a front wheel and one of the back ones balding.

They are beutiful wheels but the front two ideally need to be refurbished due to the previous owner parking badly. There is a picture of them on my van in the team white picture thread, page 28/29 i think.

I've gone back to the original multivan alloys (6 spoke) that have 4 good tyres for the meantime and I must admit that the ride is much much better with a bit more rubber (the van has been dropped 55mm all round).

I'm probably going to part with the Kahns on ebay and let someone else refurbish them. As a replacement i think i'm going to try a 17" wheel to have a bit more tyre than on the 18"'s and i wanted something with a black centre and a chrome / silver rim. my van is a 99 multivan in white.

any suggestions on where to look / consider would be greatly appreciated. maybe even a p/ex trade could be worked out...


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