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taking too long to build van2
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I'd mentioned a few weeks ago that we'd made the decision to buy a bed unit as we are rapidly running out of time as our May deadline approaches. This choice has compromised our original design intentions but has also opened up others.

We got an off the shelf birch ply build from vanfurniture.co.uk (thanks guys) having explored bespoke options but times scales were not going to work. So we got this in flatpack and assembled with ALOT of sanding to soften the machine cut edges - I'm pleased with it its a very sturdy build and we have started to modify it design-wise (and some further build modifications to follow also).

We moved ahead with the original styling we wanted to do. "shipping stamps" and another assorted branding of the wood. We did this via Alkaline chemically burning the wood. An amazingly simple process...

apply the mix via paintbrush freehand or using stencils

Then take a heat gun to it and as it evaporates it chemically burns the wood!

Here's a video of the process: YouTube Chem burning clip

Using industry-standard symbols as well as some freehand elements its a nod towards using reclaimed wood but without the **** finish that gets. We even let Flynn do some doodles! Much of this will be covered up with the foam/cushions.

Here it is partway through the process of burning + not varnished yet and also offering up some coffee bags to the doors for another addition. As you can see we also have added the blowtorching effect to the ply ends on this as well.

More on the bed unit coming soon and the styling compleated..
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