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Hey guys

due to getting a dog and going away in August and having all sorts of things to take along with us we have decided its time to upgrade to getting an awning for our T4. We usually use an old tent that we place near the van that we shove all our kit in but now we have realised we need something to attach to the van for the space.

So to those who may have this awning a few questions please.
1. How do you find it?
2. Is the groundsheet attached to the rest fo the tent or is it seperate?
3. Can the bit that meets the sliding door be attached by being put over the van or do I need to attach/ drill something into the top/ side of the van?
4. When its attached to the van, how weather proof is the attachment bit to the van? Ie, could we sleep with the sliding door open a bit?

Thanks in advance

Chris T:

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Is not a bad awning, had mine for about two years now.
Me and the wife can put it up in about 15 mins, that's including the obligatory argument, about where it should go, where are the pegs, what have you done with the hammer etc etc
The groundsheet is separate, but does have eyelets which I think the poles go into, but either way it can be pinned down.
You can leave the side door open, no probs, I have a tennis ball with a hole in that I leave in the top corner so the door doesn't rip into it when opening.
Not sure about attaching, I have the strap type things that go over the roof of the van, and pin down over the other side, works fine for me.
The roof bit that goes from van to awning can hold water, but I think that's the way I park, when come back to it
To be honest pretty happy with it
If you have an email address I can send you photos of it attached to the van ( still not worked out how to attach from an iPad)
Hope that helps
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