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Monkey Kite - Griffin 12M ready to fly (2008 i think)
Lightwave 148 board with comfy pads, v c g for age, pads a bit beaten but work perfectly.
Harness - not sure of make- Its grey and large, good condition.

Its all a quite a few years old in kite terms but its in good condition as it got hardly any use (sea is 2 hours away :( )

Its taking up space in the garage and not being used and hasnt been used for more than a year so here it is for sale.

The MonkeyKite brand are from Australia, they are at the budget end of the kite market. A new one costs around £700.
Ive been very happy with mine, I would say the money has been saved in the bar, its adaquate. everything works as it should but its basic.

Any kiter will tell you the Litewave board is bombproof, its solid, edges are good, no damage other than a few normal scratches.

Baragin price £320 - collection prefered - postage at additional charge
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