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OK, here goes
We have just done the Tour de grande alps in france and the van developed a weird knocking that came and went and is not doing it now we are home annoyingly.

Basically after the first big Col of the trip, I spent a good 20 minutes in third gear, leaning on the engine, to stop me cooking the brakes on the down hill.

Back on the flat and I could hear+feel what seemed like something moving back and forth under the van when coasting which seemed more pronouced when turning, on a roundabout, for instance.

This continued for the rest of the day which was generally done through lowland counryside.

Next morning, nothing UNTIL we did the next big climb/Descent and then it was back again.

The wheel bearings seem fine, all ball joints (top and bottom) have been done in the past 2 years and the track rod ends don't have any play in them.

My first though was a wishbone bushing had gone but it should knock all the time, not fix it self overnight?

I have driven the van since being back several times now and no sign of the knocking so have a feeling this one may take a while to pinpoint.

The only constant seems to be when the van has been worked hard and has got hot and something is either drying out of grease (driveshaft) or a bolt somewhere is expanding and allowing movement.

I guess I am going to be getting a list of torque settings out and spending a day under there checking everything which will hopefully sort it.

Was hoping someone has had the same happen on a big mountain tour and managed to resolve it.
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